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Welcome on Influenzanet Technical website.

InfluenzaNet is an online participatory monitoring system with the purpose of providing valuable information for researchers as well as ordinary citizens and is currently active in over 10 European countries. It brings major benefits to the research and detection of influenza-like-illnesses (ILI). It connects epidemiologists, medical researcher and ordinary citizens, benefiting each group with unique information. This allows better understanding of disease spreading in different countries and hopefully help develop better strategies to fight influenza-like-illnesses (ILI). The combination of InfluenzaNet with traditional monitoring methods provides valuable input for researching influenza and other contagious diseases.

For more information about the project visit Influenzanet website

This website contains several documentations:

the Influenzanet Data collection platform:

Influenzanet technical platform provides generic tools to build participatory surveillance system (not limited to influenza)

Specific about Influenzanet Surveillance implementation about Influenza/Covid surveillance: